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Featured Trip 2016

12th May, 2016

Mount Kailash Tour
Welcome Namaste and warm greetings from Traveltimes Treks! We like to welcome you in Nepal, home of the majestic Himalaya, the worlds' highest peaks, colorful ethnic groups, yaks and yetis, monasteries and temples, tigers and one horned rhinos. Travelling through Nepal is an experience of a lifetime, an odyssey across beautiful landscapes, ancient medieval cities, rugged mountain trails and roaring rivers. Discover with Traveltimes Treks Nepal, one of the last Shangri-las and enjoy some of the best mountain scenery and adventure in the world!
Group Departures 2016/17

18th September 2016

Everest Gokyo Lake

12th October 2016

Annapurna Circuit

17th December 2016

Everest Base camp Trek

2nd February 2017

Annapurna Circuit Trek

10th March 2017

Poon Hill Treks

15th September 2017

Best of Nepal


Lodge Trek

This classic walk through the Sherpa homeland of Solu-Khumbu is moderately-strenuous high altitude trek with a clear-cut goal - to see Everest. Much to their surprise, many people find the snout-like...


Hotel & Lodge Tour

This journey takes you to the roof of the world and to the heart of Tibet, where you find fabulous mountain landscapes and rich Buddhist culture and traditions. We start our trip with a short cultural tour in Kathmandu and fly to Lhasa.


Lodge Trek

You will be trekking along the southern slopes of the Annapurna Himal offering dramatic close-up views of either the Annapurna range or the Dhaulagiri range. The reward to effort ratio is higher on this trek than any other Nepal trek.


Lodge Trek

The most popular hiking trails in Nepal lead to Everest region and Annapurna. The goal of this scenic trek is the remote and less frequented circle route around world's 8th highest peak Manaslu (8 163 m) located along the border of Nepal and Tibet...

Langtang Valley Trek

Lodge Trek

Located north of Kathmandu, the Langtang Valley lies on the Tibetan frontier beneath the 7 050 m peak of Langtang Lirung. Inhabited by Bhotia people whose activities are agriculture and the raising of yaks, this region is the second largest of Nepal's national parks.

Kathmandu valley

Hotel & Lodge Trek

Kathmandu Valley Trek treats you on fabulous sightseeing in Nepal's capital, and a short scenic trek around Kathmandu Valley. After 2 days exploring the historical attractions of Kathmandu.